YOKO (Ba), AKI (Vo), HARUKI (Vo), YUI (Gt), NATSUMI (Dr)

Relieve me from an old era 
Relieve me from inner lies 
Relieve me from tied up music 
Telecide, why conform?

Rebelling from the basic stereotypes and trends; heading towards a society not bound by gender, and devices. Not defined to one single genre of rock, TELECiDE chooses to play music that is true, while brushing off the public ideal and ripping away from out dated ideals. TELECiDE, “liberators from birth”

トレンドやストリームに縛られず、あらゆる固定概念から解き放れるべく結成された5人組み“TELECiDE”。自らの感性を信じ、メタルもラウドもパンクもボーダレスにポップへ昇華、ジャンルもジェンダーもデバイスも飛び越えてワイヤレスに活動するナチュラルボーンリリーバー。“Relieve you from an old era”